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Activities at CHET

At CHET we offer a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities to suit school children of all ages and abilities. They are designed to encourage children to take risks in a controlled environment, to promote team building within their peer groups and to offer the opportunity to acquire new skills and hone existing ones.

Please find a complete list of all our activities below.

Adventure Course
Green Park Montage
Climbing Tower
Zip Wire
'Big Daddy' swing
Green Park Montage
Shelter Building
Rafting on the mere
Bushcraft - Toasting marshmallows
List of Activities:


Weather conditions/age permitting


Abseiling  Learn to abseil down the side of our new purpose-built tower. This will test trust, courage and confidence and helps to builds resilience, determination and how to calculate and control risk. It will leave you with a great sense of achievement!

Adventure Course – Negotiate our fabulous course of obstacles to increase confidence and self esteem. This activity teaches children resilience, to react positively to challenges, manage appropriate risk taking as well as building up fitness.

Archery – Learn to shoot arrows at targets in our specifically designed indoor range. Learning this skill teaches children hand/eye co-ordination and resilience. Patience and perseverance is required.


Bush craft/Campfire – Make small fires in a team (or campfire for younger visitors) to toast marshmallows. This activity teaches safety in relation to fires and perseverance in trying to light a fire using flint and steel. You can also test your knowledge in our foraging quiz promoting teamwork and learning about the environment, science and nature.

Climbing - Learn the skill of climbing on our brand new purpose built climbing wall. This will test your strength, co-ordination and agility and builds resilience and determination.


Curling – Based on the Olympic sport played on ice, this team based activity requires balance, hand/eye co-ordination, concentration and team work to aim and slide curling stones across the floor to get them as close as possible to the centre of a target. The game is played in a series of heats and is very exciting to watch as well as play!

Environmental Art – Use natural materials you find in the surroundings to make a piece of art work on the ground that will be left for others to see. This activity encourages teamwork, creativity and an understanding of the natural environment.

Estate Walk – Walk around the woods and fields of the Crosby Hall Estate learning about nature and the environment. Supports the teaching of history, the local area being of particular importance during the Reformation.

Fencing – Learn the basic rules and skills of this ancient sport to duel with an opponent. The activity helps to encourage concentration, balance, co-ordination, reaction time, agility and cooperation.

Low Ropes Course – Balance on low ropes and use a bosun’s chair and other equipment whilst working in a team to develop trust and build confidence. Helps to develop balance and coordination and encourages children to react positively to challenges and manage appropriate risk taking.

Maze Games – Navigate your way to the centre of our maze and back whilst playing teamwork games! This activity promotes teamwork and helps improve visual perception skills necessary in maths and writing.  Participants will develop gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Activities cont...

Mini-beast Hunt – Get digging in the woods to see how many difference kinds of bugs you can find using teamwork and developing understanding of the natural environment. This activity is best suited to our younger visitors.

Night Line – Put your blindfolds on and work your way around our course using your communication skills. This activity increases confidence in a difficult situation, develops an appreciation of the senses and independence (when done on own) and cooperation, teamwork and trust when (when done in pairs).


Orienteering – We have various orienteering courses in our extensive woodlands, each tailored to different ages, abilities and themes. All require teamwork, map reading and develop communication skills.


Photograms – Create and develop your own photograph to take home after your stay. This activity encourages creativity and helps develop fine motor skills as well as learning  about the safe handling of chemicals.


Pizza Making – Make your own home made mini pizzas using fresh dough and assorted toppings. These will be eaten for lunch or dinner that day. Teaches children that cooking is fun, about hygiene when preparing food and about healthy food choices.


Pottery – Use air drying clay to create a sculpture, bowl, animal or tile to take home after your stay. Working with clay can have a soothing and calming effect. It improves creativity, motor skills and sensory development.  It can also improve self-esteem as the child accomplishes something unique.


Problem Solving – Challenging outdoor puzzles and problems to make you think outside the box! Promotes teamwork, communication and cooperation.


Rafting (Seasonal) – A variety of fun team based activities to enjoy on our rafts out on the water. Develops skills, confidence, team work, communication and learning to follow instructions.


Shelter Building – Build a shelter in the woods with your team-mates using natural materials scavenged from the surroundings to protect you from the elements. Encourages imagination, cooperation, teamwork and learning about the natural environment.


Zip Wire – Face your fears and race down our zip wire through the woods. Encourages a positive reaction to challenges and managing appropriate risk taking.  Builds trust and fosters group spirit and bonding.

Evening Activities:

  • Night walk - An evening activity. Walk round the woods of the Crosby Hall Estate at night. Bring your torches!

  • Movement and mindfulness - led by a YogaBears Instructor

  • Outdoor/Indoor Games - Led by one of our instructors.

  • Quiz Night - A fun interactive nature quiz

  • One of the activities listed above


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